Zillow Posts Quarterly Profit: Impressive To Say The Least

Huge Quarterly Profits For Zillow: Real Estate Listing and Mortgage Rate Search Company

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Is it really any surprise that Zillow (A website listing real estate and mortgage rate searches) is currently experience exponential growth and success? The real estate and mortgage markets have been consistently increasing their presence on the web and for good reason. Internet marketing reaches a larger number of potential leads, which has made print advertising almost obsolete. The Seattle, Washington based Zillow has demonstrated this concept to the fullest:

Some Interesting Numbers:
1) Zillow experienced 23.2 million unique viewers in July 2011, which was a 98% increase from July 2010.

2)Marketplace revenues for Zillow increased 269% and display/advertising revenue increased 30% in the past year.

3)Changes in AVM algorithm improves market accuracy 33%, which means only an 8.5% median margin of error!

Check out this great article in National Mortgage News to learn more!

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