What Is Driving Your Website’s Traffic?

The Impact Of Social Signals On Unique Views:

Facebook Like

What happens when a friend or family member tells you that they "like" something? Does it make you want to experience the same? Referrals and social influence are some of the most powerful drivers in personal decision making. Does this same principle apply to the work of social media? Almost every platform on the web right now provides an option that allows for social "signals". Facebook has likes, Twitter has Tweets, Google has +1s, and you can almost always count on seeing a "thumbs up/down" option available.

Do these simple buttons increase unique page views though? I came across a very interesting article that tries to answer this very intriguing question. Some important points to note before reading this article:

1) The studies involved are CORRELATIONAL and therefore cannot prove causation.
2) It is important to note that although these studies are correlational in nature we can still draw mature conclusions from the data.

What are your thoughts on social "signals"?

Link to seoMOZ Blog Article

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