Tuesday’s Tip: Do You RSS?

Are You Effectively Using RSS Feeds?

RSS ReaderThe RSS feed has become a very effective Internet marketing tool for the real estate world. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a condensed version of the latest news and information posted by a site. RSS feeds allow for potential homebuyers to receive only the latest news and updates from their favorite property listing sites, instead of having to navigate through extraneous information. The RSS feed is also a great way to get specific information out to your audience regarding new property listings, events, news, and more. Using a reader like Google Reader, FeedReader, etc. will allow you to follow your favorite sites!

Check out this fun tutorial below!

Potential buyers will be more likely to follow your website and find your new listings if they are getting a constant stream of information that is easy to find. Make sure to consult with your web developers to see if you can integrate an RSS feed into your platform. How do you use RSS?

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