The Benefits of IDX

Helps a Web Site to Retain Visitors

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, delivers Brokers a significant advantage by keeping visitors on their web sites without having to go elsewhere to see all available properties within an area.

IDX will enable consumers looking at a Broker's web site to access thousands of properties listed on Metrolist, instead of being limited to just that Broker's listings, without leaving their web site.

Transforms Web Sites into Service sites for Buyers

Imaginative IDX solutions provided by vendors allow websites to have an entirely new proposition to buyers. A web site need no longer be passive or advertising oriented. With a database of listings to work with, interactive applications can be created that create high value services to buyers and capture them as sales leads.

Such solutions have the advantage of maintaining first contact with consumers.

See our sponsors for examples of these typs of solutions.

IDX is a technology that levels the marketing playing field.

Small Brokers and Associate Brokers, can now display as much inventory as large corporate Brokers. Now all Associate Brokers, no matter how small or big their business operation, can look like a substantial real estate business.

Historically, web sites have been run by Managing Brokers and they contained only their own listings. Other Broker's listings were never really included as it was considered a competitive issue. However, the web has a way of leveling the playing field. Consumers who use the web to search for homes use sites where they get the most information. Realizing this, Brokers have continued to look for more content - specifically listings - to make their web site strategies more effective. This has led to cooperation amongst Brokers and ultimately the creation of IDX.

Wider Exposure for Sellers

For Sellers, IDX can be provide significantly improved effectiveness when marketing their listings. IDX allows you to advertise your listings on all sites using IDX.

IDX will give more exposure for your listings. More exposure usually means more and faster sales.

Summary of Benefits

Lead Generation
While the service itself is valuable to the consumer, IDX can be implemented in ways that generate leads for the Broker.
Maintain Contact
Brokers can invest in marketing their personal web sites knowing that they can maintain the first contact with the consumer - they won't need to go to another site for property listings.
The IDX search engine maintains the Broker's site navigation so the consumer never looses the ability to navigate to another area of their web site and should find all their information needs met in the single site.
The framing of IDX ensures all pages are still branded keeping the Broker's identity and message in front of the consumer at all times.
With IDX presenting all available properties, this high value content will attract consumers to go the Broker's private web site.
As all properties are available. This, combined with highly targeted content on your web site, makes it the obvious, quick and convenient place for the consumer to come back to in the future.
Better educated
Consumers are now empowered by the Internet to find information never before made available. Now, when they make contact with Brokers they come more prepared, better educated about the market with more realistic expectations which makes the home buying process more efficient.
Local service
The consumer may feel more comfortable using a property search tool that is offered by a local service provider vs. using a national portal such as
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