ScreenCapture tools make you very productive

JingJing is a very useful free tool that can help you with your Real Estate Marketing.

Jing helps you to create a screenshot that is stored on the web. This means its easy to share images of anything - property, contracts, a Google MAP - anything!

Jing can be very useful in a variety of situations - but especially when trying to report problems and issues to web services or software providers because you can now just embed a link to to a screenshot that shows the issue, rather than trying to create a screenshot image to  send as an attachment!

Here's how to get it - and use it.

Go to
(or just go to )

Download and install.

Installation can take a few minutes and you may be promoted to also download Microsoft.NET framework - go ahead and allow that to happen. If you are promoted to install Microsoft.NET this can take 4-5 minutes!
Once that's completed, the Jing install will then complete.

At the end of Installation, Jing will start automatically and ask you to create an account.

Then Jing is ready to go.

Jing can then be used to capture an image of your screen which is then stored on the web and you are given a special URL which shows that image!
So no downloads, files or attachments - just a simple web link!

Here's how to do this:

The use CTRL+F10 on your keyboard to start a screen capture
Then drag the area with your mouse.

Click the disk icon to save the area as an image.

On the next panel, choose to share via Screencast.

Once it's saved, the image's web address is already in your clipboard.

So I just create my email or ticket and then PASTE or CTRL+V which inserts the image URL.

If you want to, you can even add annotations and arrows etc.

Jing is a great tool which will save you a lot of time and effort!
I can't believe how many times a day I use Jing.

Its a great tool to help you with your real estate marketing!

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