Sales Skills

The Sales process takes a qualified sales lead and turns them into a client.

Typically, a salesperson gets involved with a potential buyer towards the end of the marketing cycle - actually at the point where the client has clearly got a need, and a budget and is generally 'qualified'.

The role of the salesperson is to CLOSE THE DEAL!

A professional salesperson is most likely to be someone who is a great listener, rapidly develops empathy with the client and has a passionate belief in the excellence of their service or product.

A successful salesperson requires:

  • Expertise in the product or service you are selling
  • A good marketing system or process to generate sales leads
  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • Personal integrity and discipline

Market Knowledge.

A good salesperson builds trust and confidence with their customers and clients. One way to do this is to demonstrate expertise. The more you can demonstrate, share and inform your client about the market in general, relevant homes and the process of buying or selling a home, the more your customer or client will trust in your abilities. This is classic 'services' selling - making the intangible tangible. Information and knowledge creates credibility which leads to trust, which ultimately facilitates a sale.

Communication Skills.

Effective communication will allow you to build a relationship with the client. This relationship will lead to trust which will enable you to close the sale.

Communication with your client may be face to face, by telephone and by almost certainly by email. You need to be a master of email communications and understand fully how to use this medium to help you sell.

Discipline and Personal Integrity

Your bills will get paid when you close the deal. Never forget - "Coffee is for closers!" (See movie "Glengarry Glen Ross").

Get a plan and work a schedule for your week. Be positive! Stand up when you make phone calls!

I have found that actions always come back to haunt you. This is why speaking the truth and doing the right thing has such a positive impact on sales over the ling run.

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