Real Estate Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest is a fantastic Real Estate Marketing tool

Anyone who reads Real Estate Marketing blogs has most likely seen some sort of post on how to use Pinterest for Real Estate and Property Marketing.

Pinterest is a fairly new social media platform that is gaining increasing traction in the Real Estate Marketing world. It was designed as a way for people to “pin” pictures of various things they enjoy, whether it is a favorite recipe, a fantastic vacation destination, or a dream home has now morphed into a great tool for both consumers and Real Estate Marketing professionals alike.

A recent webinar from Inman showcased some great ideas on how you as a Real Estate Agent can use Pinterest to gain more exposure for your property listings and increase sales.

The main points discussed in the webinar include:

  • Why is Pinterest becoming so popular so quickly?
  • Why is Pinterest for real estate marketing?
  • How can Pinterest increase traffic to your real estate website or blog?
  • Why is HGTV already one of the largest brands on Pinterest?
  • What are the best real estate industry specific examples of Realtors and Brokers using Pinterest?
  • How do you add a pin properly and how can you use tagging effectively in Pinterest?
  • What are Pinterest Goodies?
  • How can you add a Pin It button to your website and blog?
  • How can you integrate Pinterest and WordPress?
  • How can you integrate Pinterest and Facebook?
  • How can you not waste time but still see results from using Pinterest?
  • How can you add a Pinterest plugin to your browser?
  • Is the iPhone app for Pinterest worth using?
  • How can you integrate Instagram and Pinterest?

Click here to learn how you can incorporate Pinterest in your Real Estate Marketing strategy.

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