International Calling using local numbers with Localphone

A recent trip to the UK got me thinking how I could forward calls from my US office number directly to a UK mobile phone.

Call Abroad for Less with LocalphoneI discovered LocalPhone.
Localphone allows you setup "local" phone numbers for any "international" phone number you want to call. The calling rates are typically 0.9c per minute.

For example, say I am in Denver and I want to call my UK office regularly, then I add my UK office number to my contact list. Then
Localphone gives me a local 303 area code number to dial. My local call is free, and I only pay LocalPhone for the minutes I use.
If I then travel to the UK and want to call my US numbers, all I do is change my 'location' and then LocalPhone gives me a local number for all my US contacts!

I have to register any numbers I am "calling in" with, which ensures that only "I" use my service so that its not possible for anyone else to call these numbers and use my account. But you may add many numbers to your 'authorized ' list of numbers.

When I went to the UK, I used Localphone to forward all my office calls to a UK mobile mobile number - so it was easy for me to stay in touch!

Now that I am back in Denver, I have just set up my family and other contacts around the world with a local number to call us.

LocalPhone doesn't seem appropriate if you make a large number of calls to different numbers, but if you make international calls to a small number of contacts regularly, then LocalPhone is a brilliant service.

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