Infographic: What Kind of Social Consumer are you?

Think back on the types of purchases you made 20 years ago. Regardless if they were as big as buying a new home, or simply renting a studio apartment you most likely used similar methods for either purchasing decision. Maybe you were influenced by word of mouth, newspaper classifieds, or simply driving around town seeking "For Sale/Rent" yard signs.

Today, things have obviously changed due to the rapid innovation of marketing strategies the Internet has provided. Consumers these days are more likely to use an Internet search instead of a newspaper to find a property, and what they find as a result of that search can make or break you in terms of sales.

The question is, what online channels should you be targeting in order to make sure consumers find YOU and not your competition? The following infographic breaks down the science of the "Social Consumer" and gives brands some insight as to how they should be targeting their potential customers.

If you have trouble viewing the below image, please click here to view the full size.

Social Consumers and the Science of Sharing

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