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Where do you get YOUR inspiration?

With all the current technology out there for Real Estate Marketing Professionals, it’s more important now than ever to set yourself apart and present yourself as the expert in your niche.

How can you accomplish this without spending money and time you don’t have? The answer is by incorporating a content marketing (blogging) strategy into your real estate marketing.

“But I’m not a very good writer. How will I be able to come up with new topics?”

This is one of the most common objections / questions many Realtors have when it comes to blogging. But fear not! The Internet allows you to easily access real estate information and topics that are readily available to anybody who can operate an Internet browser.

The following are some great resources for you to get inspiration for fresh and continuous blog content.

  1. FrogPond – Here you can find a wide array of real estate topics written by some of the industry’s smartest minds. This is a great place to get inspiration from. But remember, always cite your sources!
  2. REALTOR Content Resource by HouseLogic – This is a great all-in-one resource for ready-to-use articles and content related to home buying and selling.
  3. Inman News – One of the best sources for Real Estate news and related topics.
  4. Your local Convention & Visitor’s Bureau website – An area’s dedicated tourism website is geared towards getting people interested in what the state has to offer. Many of these sites also have specific pages dedicated to entire neighborhoods. This is the perfect place to get ideas for neighborhood-focused articles to show Buyers what the area has to offer! Remember to always cite your sources, and don’t take anything word for word.

What are some of YOUR favorite resources for collecting ideas for topics on your Real Estate Marketing blog?

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