Go Green With Your Real Estate Business

Avoid "Greenwashing":
Green is the hot color these days and it is time to hop on the bandwagon. Companies are going green and marketing there efforts all over the world. It is great to see so many people are starting to realize that there is a bigger picture and that we need to take responsibility for our future. Using "green" efforts are a great way to also attract new clientele. People like to see that businesses are making an effort to clean up their "act" and the world, but one must be cautious when implementing this type of marketing strategy. Small steps should not be marketed as huge leaps as this will lead to a false image. This type of advertising is commonly referred to as "greenwashing" and will often discredit the efforts made by a business. Check out this article, which suggest some ways of how to conduct paperless real estate

Greenwash of the Week

It is great to make small changes as the sum will equal a larger whole. Focus on marketing your changes in the same manner, as your efforts will contribute to the bigger picture. Advertise changes within your company on regular basis, but with a frequency that is inviting rather than overwhelming. What are some different ways in which your company has gone/can go greener?

Greenwashing Examples: CLICK HERE

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