Fastest Way to get Google’s Attention – part 2

My first article about how to "Get Google's Attention Fast", highlighted the benefits of using  Twitter as way to get your content notice by Google.

But what's really going on is that Google has a whole Search category now called "RealTime" which is monitoring specific resources in real time.

Google Real Time results are now including a growing number of sources and so if you are posting content to any of these sources its going to show up in the Google Real Time results!

Whats the moral of this story?

Ok - here's the point! When you post blog articles or add pages to your real estate website, make sure you not only tweet about it or put it on your Facebook etc - but also include your relevant keywords! This will make your Real Estate Marketing efforts far more productive.

Here is a list of sources that Google Real Time is known to be scanning

  • Twitter tweets
  • Google News links
  • Google Blog Search links
  • Newly created web pages
  • Freshly updated web pages
  • FriendFeed updates
  • Jaiku updates
  • updates
  • TwitArmy updates
  • Google Buzz posts
  • MySpace updates
  • Facebook fan page updates
  • Quora
  • Gowolla
  • Plixi
  • Me2day
  • Twitgoo
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