Fastest way to get Googles attention known to man?

I got a Spint EVO 4G smartphone in the summer and since then I have been getting more and more actively engaged with Twitter and other social media marketing.

With my new EVO I wanted to know when Sprints 4G service was going to be available in Denver - so I discovered Google Search options that allow you to search different things, its on the left side - you can say 'search images' or ' search news' etc. which meant hopefully I'd see the very latest news on this topic!

There is also an option to search "Realtime" which presents, in realtime, TWEETS from Twitter. Whats interesting about this is that its really fast to pick up your tweets - and when I day fast , I mean in less than 60 seconds!

Try it now! Create a Tweet around some keyword and then go to Google Search Realtime and search by those keywords, you should see your tweet almost instantly.

The implication of this is that Google, and surely others are watching social networks closely and considering this content as they evaluate the authority and ranking of related and linked websites.

So, what are you waiting for! Get Tweeting!

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