Facebook Ticker: Your Social Newspaper?

Facebook Now Provides "Real-Time" Ticker:

If you have logged on to your Facebook account in the last day then you now know that the platform has changed...yet again. Facebook is now providing users with a live ticker that feeds information based on how much you frequent the website. Users who are consistently on the site will receive most recent news, whereas those who visit less frequently will receive news that is ranked by importance. Additionally, some of your friends' activity that wouldn't normally appear in your news feed will now be visible in the ticker.

What does this mean for Real Estate professionals who use Facebook to find leads?

Say you are an agent with hundreds of connections on Facebook. At any given moment it is highly likely that a good number of them are engaged in activity of some sort on the site. The ticker feature gives you a 360 degree view of their activity (based on their individual privacy settings of course).

This includes page likes, articles they have read and/or shared, places they have "checked in" at  - all things that were previously only accessible by visiting each friend's page individually. Basically, you can target new leads based simply upon the fact that you are now able to see "behind the curtain", and gain a deeper insight as to what people are looking for.

If you notice one of your connections "liking" a competitors listings, it would be wise to reach out to that connection and inform them of some of your available properties. Maybe one of your connections has recently checked in at your competitors office. This will show up in your ticker. Reach out to them and give them an incentive to visit your office as well (ex. "The next 5 check-ins will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card).

The number of ways for Real Estate professionals to utilize this new feature is limited only by your own creativity. How many different ideas can you think of?

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