Difference Between QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

Tagging is the new fast way to get access to information using your smart phone.

All you need to do is use the camera and an appropriate "app" and you can quickly scan or "snap" the Tag and you are immediately given the underlying data. This might be a link to a website, or an encoded SMS TXT message you can send or similar.

These types of 2-d Tags eliminate the need to type in URLs or data on your mobile keyboard. This is a really great idea in my opinion!

There are two versions of Tagging - QR Code (Quick Response codes) and MS Tags (Microsoft Tags)

Here's the difference!

With a QR Code the web address (for example) is actually coded into the QR Code design itself. When you scan the code, you see the URL. Its fast and easy to set up, and they are very widely used and can be read by a large number of mobile apps.

With an MS Tag, the web address is not part of the design - the MS Tag is a unique code and when you scan it, the system needs to do a lookup to see what you have set this to be - e.g. some web page address. This means that a single MS Tag can be configured to do many different things over time. This is a bit like calling a 1-800 call-capture system and today  typing in "1000" to hear the latest property information, but next month that code of 1000 may well be used for a different property.  The MS Tag works in a similar sophisticated way.

The benefits of this are that you can create your MS Tag once and then simply manage what it does in your MS Tag account online. The down side of this is that it's a little more complicated, more time consuming and also we are relying on the MS Tag servers and Internet connection to all be running! Currently, the use of MS Tags is no where near as wide spread as the QR Code.

Of course, its quite possible to achieve similar effects with QR codes too - especially if you use them for web addresses. This can be achieved by setting up a QR code to got a special web address which can then be forwarded to another and therefore changed as you need

What are you using? Any preference? Let me know!

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