Create your own personal Cloud and get easy access to your files

One of the problems with being mobile and having a desktop, a laptop and now a smartphone too, is that we need to constantly access the same files, such as our real estate marketing materials, listing presentations, real estate contracts, and so on.
I have been carrying around a USB Memory Stick (formally CDs etc) which holds most of these files
Well, I just found what I think is an even better solution to problem of file access.

I now use Dropbox.

Dropbox allows me to have a folder on every computer I use (including my Android / iPhone) which gives me access to files stored in that folder.

The brilliance of this is that the files are not actually on my computer - they are stored in my online Dropbox account which automatically syncs any changes made.

The folder on my PC or mobile device looks like any other folder, except that the files are automatically synchronized with the files on the Dropbox server every time I edit a file.

You can even work offline. Next time you go online, your files will be synchronized.

Collaboration With Others

I have also set up special Shared Folders in my Dropbox account that allow my team members, who have their own Dropbox account,  to also see this folder I have shared with them! This is really improving our collaboration and team work .

Get a Free Dropbox account

It's free to start using Dropbox and your initial account will have 2GB storage.

Use this link to get your free account

If you need more then you can upgrade to more storage for a fee.

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