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Sale At First Sight: Appearance Is Everything in Real Estate Marketing

February 29, 2012

Be A Professional: Appearance Is Everything in Real Estate Marketing We are going to revert back to a basic concept today, which many people tend to overlook. Professionalism in your Real Estate Marketing is an essential part of being able… Read More »

8 Quick Tips on Using Youtube to Sell Homes

October 18, 2011

At any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of users watching videos on YouTube. How many times have you been forwarded a link to a funny YouTube video, only to find yourself staying there and browsing additional clips? Many… Read More »

Flash Is On The “Out”: Adobe Is Still Running Strong

September 16, 2011

What is to come of Flash? It seems that the world of Flash is becoming seemingly smaller these days, well at least in the mobile fields. Popular Android and QNX-powered Blackberry OS have recently cited problems when running Flash, and… Read More »

SEO Tip Of The Day

September 2, 2011

SEO Tip Of The Day: September 2nd 2011 A picture is worth a thousand words…and so is your caption! You can place keywords in your captions and increase your visibility on the web! Google Keywords Tool Link Google Keywords Beginner’s… Read More »

Google+ Social Network

July 7, 2011

The new social network Google+ is trying to corner (or catch up, depending on how you see it) on the expansive reach of online communication. The idea revolves (ha!) around their Google+ and their “Circles.” Circles help you organize everyone… Read More »