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“Cheaper” Smartphone: No More Excuses

September 7, 2011

Samsungs Huawei Impulse 4G: Problem Solved For all of you that are behind the times and still chugging along with those once “hip” flip phones, you now have no more excuses for making the switch. AT&T has finally announced that… Read More »

ScreenCapture tools make you very productive

July 30, 2011

Jing is a very useful free tool that can help you with your Real Estate Marketing. Jing helps you to create a screenshot that is stored on the web. This means its easy to share images of anything – property,… Read More »


Create your own personal Cloud and get easy access to your files

February 19, 2011

One of the problems with being mobile, is that we need to constantly access the same files, such as our real estate marketing materials, listing presentations and so on. Dropbox is a tool that solves this problem.
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International Calling using local numbers with Localphone

January 3, 2011

A recent trip to the UK got me thinking how I could forward calls from my US office number directly to a UK mobile phone. I discovered LocalPhone. Localphone allows you setup “local” phone numbers for any “international” phone number… Read More »