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QR Codes and such for Real Estate

Using QR Codes for Real Estate Lead Capture

February 29, 2012

Many Real Estate Agents have begun utilizing QR codes in their real estate marketing strategies. QR Codes are essentially funny looking bar codes that can be scanned using a free downloadable application on your smartphone. Upon scanning the QR code,… Read More »


Difference Between QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

February 18, 2011

Whats the difference between QR Codes and Microsoft Tags (MS Tags) and how they work.
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QR Code Readers for your Android Phone

January 19, 2011

QR Code (stands for Quick Response Code) is a 2D black and white matrix of dots that can be scanned by a mobile device. The code itself can contain a URL, SMS TEXT message or other items.
QR Codes make it easy to get access to information – no need to type in a URL – just SNAP! and you are there.
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QR Code readers for your IPHONE

January 19, 2011

QR Code, a two-dimensional bar code storing addresses and URLs, is a widely used technology in Japan and Europe, that can be scanned with camera phones equipped with the appropriate reader application. Here’s a selection of QR Code reader apps… Read More »