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Wordpress for real estate marketing

How to Create Your Blog: Importance of Categories

February 8, 2011

When setting up your new blog, it will be well worth investing some time to think through your Blog Categories. This will help to logically organize your Blog articles for your readers.
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Marketing Success using long tail keywords and URLs

January 30, 2011

CASE STUDY: I constantly teach attendees at my Marketing Classes about the importance of having a niche marketing strategy.
A vital part of this is understanding the opportunity of exploiting Long tail keywords for your real estate marketing. My last post got indexed in less than 60 seconds…
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Be a Thought Leader in 2011

January 13, 2011

If you haven’t already done so then get a BLOG (we’d recommend WORDPRESS) and start to communicate your knowledge and expertise to your market. As we all know, real estate is actually the business of self-promotion and unfortunately, our services… Read More »