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Wordpress for real estate marketing

Infographic: What Kind of Social Consumer are you?

October 26, 2011

Think back on the types of purchases you made 20 years ago. Regardless if they were as big as buying a new home, or simply renting a studio apartment you most likely used similar methods for either purchasing decision. Maybe… Read More »

Tuesday’s Tip: Do You RSS?

August 23, 2011

Are You Effectively Using RSS Feeds? The RSS feed has become a very effective Internet marketing tool for the real estate world. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a condensed version of the latest news and information posted by a site…. Read More »

Monday’s Web-Marketing Tip: Linking Websites

August 8, 2011

Ask People For The URL’s To Their Websites! Sometimes a piece of advice comes along that just seems so obvious it is almost painful to hear. Well, this advice falls straight into that category. I came across an interesting article… Read More »

Build A Stronger Brand: Utilize Testimonials

August 5, 2011

Build Your Brand: Don’t Be Afraid To Brag If you got it flaunt it…right? Building the strength of your brand is essential when attempting to maximize marketing potential. One of your best resources in doing so are previous clients testimonials…. Read More »

Fastest Way to get Google’s Attention – part 2

May 7, 2011

My first article about how to “Get Google’s Attention Fast”, highlighted the benefits of using ¬†Twitter as way to get your content notice by Google. But what’s really going on is that Google has a whole Search category now called… Read More »