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After you begin to capture leads from your website visitors, it’s time to focus on turning them into actual Buyers. Do you struggle with effective sales techniques? Hone your skills in order to turn more leads into sales.

Below you will find articles on how to hone your Selling and Closing Skills.

Sale At First Sight: Appearance Is Everything in Real Estate Marketing

February 29, 2012

Be A Professional: Appearance Is Everything in Real Estate Marketing We are going to revert back to a basic concept today, which many people tend to overlook. Professionalism in your Real Estate Marketing is an essential part of being able… Read More »

Build A Stronger Brand: Utilize Testimonials

August 5, 2011

Build Your Brand: Don’t Be Afraid To Brag If you got it flaunt it…right? Building the strength of your brand is essential when attempting to maximize marketing potential. One of your best resources in doing so are previous clients testimonials…. Read More »

Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Review Your Weaknesses

August 2, 2011

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Review Your Weaknesses Do you have a mirror…good, now look into it. I want you to take a good look at yourself as a realtor and think of all of things that you do well…. Read More »

Sales Skills

November 23, 2009

The Sales process takes a qualified sales lead and turns them into a client. Typically, a salesperson gets involved with a potential buyer towards the end of the marketing cycle – actually at the point where the client has clearly… Read More »