Build A Stronger Brand: Utilize Testimonials

Build Your Brand: Don't Be Afraid To Brag

Our Clients Are Our Bets Advertisements

If you got it flaunt it...right? Building the strength of your brand is essential when attempting to maximize marketing potential. One of your best resources in doing so are previous clients testimonials. It may seem simple, but you would be surprised at how many business owners fail to exploit the great work they have done.

Utilize Different Types of Media:

Utilize Different Types of Media

Capture testimonials through a variety of different sources such as video, email, letters, etc. Having a variety of sources will allow you to develop an arsenal of unique content, which you can exploit through many different media outlets. It is best to create a list of questions beforehand for your clients to reference, which will also ensure that testimonials will cover what topics you are looking for. Then, set a schedule and don't be afraid to ask your clients, as most will be happy to go to work for you! Make sure to update testimonials regularly to ensure that information is current and relevant.

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