Tuesday’s Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Review Your Weaknesses

Tuesday's Tip Of The Day: Review Your Weaknesses

Do you have a mirror...good, now look into it. I want you to take a good look at yourself as a realtor and think of all of things that you do well. Now I want you to list all of the areas where you can improve. A little painful right? Your weaknesses are not something you should be afraid of, but rather viewed as an opportunity for you to better yourself and your business.

Exit For Success

The ability to turn inward and see where you can improve is what will set you apart from the rest of the competition. It will take some extra time and energy, but the payoff will be hard to ignore. Where is it that you need to improve? Is it your social media outreach, is it your appearance, is it your website, is it your lead capture? It is important to be able to pick out the areas where your business needs some work and then find solutions to fill those holes. I challenge you to create a list of the 5 areas where your business could improve the most. Check out the review via Wired Magazine about David Allen's Getting Things Done for some helpful tips. From that list take the top two and take the few weeks researching ways to overcome these hurdles. Please leave any helpful reflections and/or tips below.

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