8 Quick Tips on Using Youtube to Sell Homes

YouTube Marketing for Real EstateAt any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of users watching videos on YouTube. How many times have you been forwarded a link to a funny YouTube video, only to find yourself staying there and browsing additional clips?

Many smart real estate professionals have realized the success that comes with effectively using YouTube as a real estate marketing tool. The following are 8 quick YouTube marketing tips that every real estate professional should keep in mind:

1. Include video tours of available properties.
While most people know the importance of including pictures on their property listings, many are still unaware of the power of video tours. They give a more in-depth view of your property, and when done right can even make your property look more attractive.

2. Include video tours of the neighborhood.
This is a highly effective way to show a potential buyer some of the local hotspots and attractions that make the neighborhood an appealing place to live.

3. Add voiceovers to the above video tours.
Adding voice to your videos will help them stand out in the mind of the viewer. They will make a stronger connection with your voice than with the pictures themselves. Your voiceover videos will appear more professional, therefore increasing your credibility as a leading real estate professional.

4. Include videos of yourself addressing common industry problems.
It's all about positioning yourself as the expert. It also helps break down some of the "internet walls" and allows people to see you in a more personal manner.

5. Tag your videos with high traffic keywords.
Tagging your videos allows search engines to find your videos easier (also known as SEO, or search engine optimization). A good way to find out what keywords work best is to look at some of the more popular real estate specific videos on YouTube. What keywords have been effective for them? You can also use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to discover how much traffic a specific keyword is generating.

6. Customize your channel to match branding.
YouTube offers users the ability to customize the colors and overall feel of their channels. It is a good idea to match your branding across all of your real estate marketing channels.

7. Link QR Codes to YouTube videos.
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are basically funny looking barcodes that you can scan on your smartphone. Upon scanning the code, it will direct you to a number of potential destinations. It might take you to a mobile website, a video, a way to sign up for more information... the destination just depends on how the QR Code was set up. Click here to read our previous article on QR Codes. I will also be covering tips on how real estate professionals can effectively incorporate QR Codes into their real estate marketing strategy in an upcoming blog post.

8. Participate!
When it really comes down to it, YouTube is a social site - meaning the more you interact with others, the more they will interact with you. Get your name out there by posting comments to other relevant videos, connect with other industry professionals, and simply let people know that your video channel exists!

At its very core, YouTube is a great avenue for real estate professionals to expand the reach of their brand. It is also a great way to give your brand some personality, and it allows for a lot of creativity which in turn will help people remember who you are.

What are some innovative ways you have seen companies using YouTube in their marketing efforts?

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