5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Real Estate. Are Your Listings Appearing in Mobile Searches?

Real Estate Marketing | Agent ClassroomAs a Real Estate Marketing professional you live your business life constantly on the go. That's why it's essential to utilize your mobile device whenever you have to be out of the office, to make sure potential buyers are finding your listings. Which are the most common mobile apps that potential buyers are using to find homes?

We have compiled the following list of 5 essential FREE apps that real estate professionals need to consider:

1) Zillow
Zillow is a leader in mobile real estate, providing data for all homes in the U.S. on the Zillow network. Making sure your listings are on Zillow will give you a huge advantage, making it easy for buyers to find your listings wherever they are. Buyers can look up rent estimates, home values, homes for sale/rent, and more.

2) Realtor.com Real Estate Search
Realtor.com has a huge amount of listings that are constantly being updated. It has a ton of great features including map search, saved searches and listings synchronized with the website, private ratings and notes, and the ability to share listings with your friends, agent and social network.

3) Trulia
This is another great app for potential buyers to find local homes and apartments for sale or rent. Buyers can also use the Trulia app to search for local real estate professionals and Agents in their area.

4) HotPads
This app is geared towards renters looking for information on apartments, houses for rent, real estate, vacation rentals and hotels.

5) Craigslist
It's obvious that Craigslist plays a huge part in how people find home and apartments for sale or rent. The app let's them see all your Craigslist property listings including all your beautiful property images and contact information directly on their mobile device.

What are some of your favorite real estate apps?

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